Friday, July 12, 2024

The purpose of the Northampton County Chamber of Commerce is to advance the general welfare and prosperity of the county and surrounding area. The specific mission is to promote economic, civic, commercial, cultural, industrial and educational interest to enhance the well-being of local citizens.

What is it?

A Chamber of Commerce is an action agency designed to meet community or area needs. It is a voluntary organization of individuals and businesses who band together to promote our Mission Statement in the area.

What does it do?

The variety of chamber activities is virtually unlimited, depending on the community needs and the desire and ability of the chamber to meet those needs.

How does it work?

Committee Action Groups make a chamber successful. They are the units that accomplish the organization's goals and objectives.

Why Should I Support the Northampton Chamber?

Support of your Chamber of Commerce is highly important to all business and professional people. Although the generally accepted primary purpose of a chamber of commerce is to exploit to the maximum the economic potential of a community, it must also be active in all aspects of the community.

About the Northampton Chamber of Commerce

The Northampton County Chamber of Commerce, through its Board of Directors and staff, serves many purposes. It has been working for total economical development of this area for fourteen years. The twelve directors representing all sections of the area and the members serving on the committees give unselfishly of their time toward the enrichment of our area.