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Sunday, June 16, 2024
127 West Jefferson St. - P.O. Box 1035
Jackson, NC 27845

Business Development

The Northampton County Economic Development Commission is responsible for initiating, organizing and managing the County's public sector efforts to strengthen the local economy, improve the standard of living and create sustainable, higher-wage employment opportunities for the people of Northampton County.

Reaching these objectives requires that we provide strategically capable services and value-added resources in supporting new business development and the expansion of existing businesses.

Success in economic development requires the collaboration of many diverse groups and individuals, and we in Northampton County continue to benefit from strong alliances with economic development partners in the public and private sectors at the local, regional, state and national levels. We invite you to join our team, and to please let us know if we can assist your business development interests in any way.

Northampton County Business Development Information

Before starting, expanding, relocating a business, or building a new facility you need to
ask specific questions.

Are you located in the proper zoning? or (252) 534-1905

Will you need a special use permit or conditional use permit? or (252) 534-1905

Are you aware of Northampton County Sign Ordinance Regulations? or (252) 534-1905

What are the Fire Code Regulations? or (252) 534-5171

What are septic requirements? or (252) 534-5841

What about setback regulations? or (252) 534-1905

Before expanding or building a new facility who do I contact? and


Northampton County Small Business Assistance

State of North Carolina Small Business Assistance

Starting your business information

  • The Center for Planning helps you plan, document and evaluate all aspects of business strategy.
  • The CCH Business Owners Toolkitoffers small business tax information, a small office/home office guidebook and more.
  • If you're self-employed, a home-based business owner, a free agent, an e-lancer, a telecommuter, or other independent professional then this site's for you.
  • Score has helped over 10 million Small Business Owners in the past 50 years.
  • Have a question about Small Business ask Jim.