Northampton County School Systems

The Northampton County School System has five elementary schools (grades PK-5), two middle schools (grades 6-8), two high schools (grades 9-12)and one alternative school (grades 6-12) with a total student population of approximately 2850.

The School Uniform Policy was implemented in the elementary and middle schools during the 2006-2007 school year. The high schools began using the uniform policy during the following school year of 2007-2008. It has been an effective tool in improving discipline and developing personal pride for the students.

Northampton County Schools Transportation Department has up to 64 buses safely transporting approximately 2000 students daily.

The Child Nutrition Department of Northampton County Schools is one of the few in North Carolina to be awarded a USDA grant for the past three years to support the “ Fresh Fruits & Vegetables” program. It’s the largest “Restaurant” in the County.

Northampton County Schools has implemented the Reading First program in all elementary schools with a Reading First Coach located at each school.

Northampton County Schools Partnerships

  • Senior Education Corps
  • Ministers’ Council for Education
  • Northampton County Education Foundation
  • North Carolina Model Teacher Education Consortium
  • Collaborative Effort to Support New Professionals

For more information, please visit the Northampton County Schools website