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Tuesday, May 30, 2023
127 West Jefferson St. - P.O. Box 1035
Jackson, NC 27845


Chamber package for individual registration. Perfect for those who want to join and support the chamber! Membership: 365 days

Duration: 12 months
Price: $25.00

Chamber package for Local Governments, Non-Profit Organizationsm, Governmental Agencies. Membership: 365 day

Duration: 12 months
Price: $75.00

Northampton County Chamber of Commerce package for Financial Institutions. Membership: 365 days

Duration: 12 months
Price: $200.00

For Manufacturers, Processors, Public and Private Utilities, Warehouses, Distributors. View options.

  • 01-25 Employees
  • 26-50 Employees
  • 51-100 Employees
  • 101-300 Employees
  • 301-400 Employees
  • 401+ Employees
Duration: 12 months
Price: Free

For This registration is for All other businesses that want to join.Price: View options

  • 01-10 Employees
  • 11-20 Employees
  • 21-50 Employees
  • 50+ Employees
Duration: 12 months
Price: Free